Choosing the Right Stroller for More Than One

Choosing strollers for triplets and more

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If you think that being the center of attention will bother you, minimize it by sticking with a tandem-style stroller. They are more efficient at keeping the babies out of the public eye.

Choosing the Right Stroller for You

With advantages and disadvantages to both kinds of strollers, how can you possibly decide what you need? Should you just get two? Sounds like you've already adopted a multiple mindset! While that's often an effective solution to problems faced by parents of twins, it's not necessarily the answer when it comes to strollers. Consider the following when making your decision:

  • When will you use it? Some strollers can accommodate infants, some are hardier for use with toddlers. Many families with twins find that they rely on a stroller long after their singleton counterparts; for longevity, select a model that is designed for children up to forty pounds.
  • Where will you use it? All-terrain strollers are wonderful for jogging, hiking, or other outdoor activities, but they aren't very effective at maneuvering through tight indoor spaces such as office buildings or stores.
  • How will you use it? Consider how your stroller will play a role in your everyday activities. Will you store it in your home? In the car? Will you use it to transport your babies to day care on a daily basis, or only for occasional jaunts to the park? Do you reside in a city location with crowded sidewalks and subways, or a rural environment with open, unpaved surfaces? Your specific circumstances will determine what kind of product will best serve your family.

Double Decker Stroller, Inc., a company started by a mom of multiples, makes an innovative stroller frame that accommodates infant carriers. The stroller is available in double and triple models. However, such products have a limited lifetime; when your babies outgrow the infant carriers (at 20 pounds or about one year of age), you'll need another stroller.

Strollers for Triplets or More

If you're expecting triplets or more, your stroller options are more limited, and more costly. You'll have to carefully evaluate how you'll utilize the equipment, and anticipate whether the investment is worthwhile. You may wish to consider a combination of single and double strollers or a combination of strollers and other types of carriers, such as a sling or backpack.

Some stroller manufacturers do offer a triplet model, such as the Baby Jogger Triple Totter. This side-by-side model is best for open, outdoor spaces, with three seats that can also accommodate three children of different sizes. The Peg Perego Triplette offers stadium seating in a durable frame and fully reclining seats. Each of these products will set you back about $500 if purchased new.

Custom-made strollers from Runabout are popular with parents of higher order multiples for their durability and value-added features. They can accommodate up to five children, including infants over ten pounds, with fully adjustable seats and a lightweight frame. They are individually made in the United States, are difficult to locate, and can retail for more than $1,000 for a quintuplet version, but they have excellent resale value and are very much in demand within the multiples community.

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From The Everything Twins, Triplets, and More Book Copyright © 2005, F+W Publications, Inc. Used by permission of Adams Media, an F+W Publications Company. All rights reserved.

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