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Your 1st Week

The 280-day countdown begins here-even though you haven't yet conceived.


Woman's reproductive organs Muscular wall of uterusThe thick lining of the uterus (endometrium) that builds up during your last menstrual cycle is shed as you have your period.CervixVaginaBladderThe pre-pregnant uterus is about the size of a plum.OvaryFallopian tubeThe ovarian ligament stabilizes the ovary within the abdomen.Each ovary contains eggs at various stages of development.The fallopian tube is the passageway down which a newly released egg travels on its way to the uterus.

It's business as usual for your body this week. You're having a period, so you know you're not pregnant. But if you conceive during this menstrual cycle, the first day of your period will count as the first day of pregnancy. It's a good idea to review your lifestyle and to make sure that you understand how everything works "inside." Knowing the facts may help to raise your chances of conceiving.

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