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Your 10th Week

No longer an embryo, your unborn baby enters a new phase.


10 week embryo in uterus The embryo now measures 1.18 in crown to rump.The outer ear is fully formed but not yet in its final position.The wrist has formed and is able to bend.The fingers and toes have lengthened and separated.The uterus continues to enlarge and lift upward.The buldge at the base of the umbilical cord contains the developing intestines.The umbilical cord takes blood between the baby and the placenta.The placenta is now fully functioning.The yolk sac is not needed anymoreThe mouth and lips are now nearly fully developed.The nose protrudes from the face and has a definite shape.The baby's head has lifted slightly off the chest.

This is your baby's last week as an embryo; next week she'll be known as a fetus. Her major organs are in place, although by no means in full working order. There's a long way to go yet and her body systems will continue to mature for the rest of pregnancy, and beyond. The most noticeable difference to your body will be in your breasts. You may well have gone up a cup size-or more.

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