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Your 11th Week

You'll now be setting up the health care that will support you over the coming months.


11 week embryo in uterus The fetus measures 2 in crown to rump.The ear has started to move into its final position.The neck has lengthenedThe ovaries or testes are beginning to develop.Your growing uterus may begin to cause discomfortThe diaphragm is complete, and your baby can make breathing movements.The placenta will get largerWithin the amniotic sac, the baby is becoming very activeThe eyelids are sealed shut

Your baby is now unmistakeably human and is undergoing many sophisticated changes, such as development of the sense organs. To mark his new status, he's now called a fetus. If pregnancy hasn't seemed quite real to you so far, it soon will. It's time to get down to such practicalities as your first prenatal checkup. Procedures such as ultrasound scans and blood tests are about to become part of your normal pregnancy routine.

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