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Your 4th Week

This week, you'll need a little patience as you wait, wonder, and hope.


Implanted embryo in uterus The uterine lining secretes hormones that help to support the pregnancy.Chorionic cavityThe yolk sac is forming.The placenta starts to develop here.The embryo consists of just two layers of cells that will divide very rapidly to form the beginnings of the baby's body.The amniotic cavity

The embryo-to-be, now securely implanted in the lining of your uterus, is starting to develop. Although you could do a home pregnancy test this week, you may end up disappointed or uncertain because at this stage a definite result is unlikely. It can be nerve racking, wondering if an unwanted period is about to arrive and dash your hopes. Talk to your partner and share your feelings with him-he may be anxious, too.

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