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Your 6th Week

This week you may notice the first symptoms of pregnancy-if not, don't worry.


6 week embryo in uterus Small pits on either side of the baby's head represent the first signs of the developing eyes.The embryo measures 0.15 inThese pharyngeal arches will develop into various structures in the head and neckYour baby's heart is making its first fluttering beats.Tiny buds that will grow into arms and legs have started to sprout.A curved tail-like extension has developed.The umbilical cord contains blood vessels to and from the developing placentaChorionic villi form more branches as the placenta continues to develop.The baby's head folds forward over the body.The yolk sac still provides the majority of your baby's nourishment.

Not all women start to feel pregnant this early on. Some experience a twinge of nausea or breast tenderness, while others notice no changes. Of course, it's natural to long for "proof" that your pregnancy is progressing, even if that happens to be morning sickness. But a lack of symptoms doesn't mean something is wrong; it's all really happening and your baby is going through some critical stages of development.

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