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Your 7th Week

Set yourself some fitness standards to see you through your pregnancy.


7 week embryo in uterus The embryo measures 0.31 in crown to rump.The heart is now providing your baby with a simple circulation.The liver is starting to make blood cells.The arm and leg buds are lenghthening.The placenta is becoming well establishedNostrils appear as shallow pits.A prominent forehead bulges out as the brain develops.The yolk sac has shrunk but is still supplying nutrients to the embryo.

Getting in shape now will stand you in good stead as your pregnancy continues. Keeping active is important, so work up a daily exercise routine to strengthen your muscles and reduce fatigue-but listen to your body and don't exhaust yourself. This week your baby's vital organs, including the lungs and gut, start to develop. Your baby's head already looks too big for his body as the brain rapidly enlarges.

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