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Your 8th Week

Your mood may swing from high to low as hormones and emotions take hold.


8 week embryo in uterus The ears are just starting to developThe embryo measures 0.51 in crown to rump.Elbows are now visible.The baby's spine is straightening upYour uterus is starting to enlargeDigits begin to form on the hands and feetThe umbilical cord contains blood vesselsThe eyes are getting larger and darkening with pigment.The baby's head is large relative to the trunk.The yolk sac continues to shrink

You're probably beginning to feel different, even though you don't look pregnant. You may feel a bit low and irritable at times; this is largely due to the changing levels of hormones in your body. You may sometimes have mixed feelings about being pregnant, however much you long for a baby. If the idea of going on vacation appeals to you, opt for short trips and a safe climate, and take extra care of yourself.

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