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Your 9th Week

Your baby has hands and feet, and his bones are growing.


9 week embryo in uterus The embryo now measures 0.70 in crown to rump.The outer ears are starting to take shape.Elbows are now able to move.The toes are less advanced than the fingersYour uterus is growing to accommodate the babyThe major organs of the baby's digestive system have all started to developIndividual fingers are distinctChorionic villi continues to branch as the placenta matures.The baby's head is still bowed over the bulge of his stomach.The yolk sac shrinks further and soon will not be needed.The eyes, which until now have been on the side of the baby's head

During this week, your baby starts to make tiny movements. You won't be aware of this, but it's exciting to think about. On the downside, you could be in the throes of nausea and sickness. However, many women find that the nausea starts to lessen from now on. There are various self-help measures you can take to relieve the sickness, but if it's making life miserable, talk to your doctor.

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