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Your 15th Week

Start talking to your baby-he can hear your voice.


15 week fetus in uterus The inner ear bones have developedThe neck is lengthening and the baby can raise his head furtherThe fully formed spinal cord now extends the entire length of the vertebral canalAt 15 weeks the average crown to rump length is 2.9 inThe placenta undergoes a new wave of developmentThe arms have grown long enough

Like many pregnant women in the second trimester, you may now be reaping the benefits of the pregnancy "glow," as hormones improve the appearance of your skin and hair. Enjoy this time and the attention that often comes with it. Amazingly, your baby's ears have formed enough for him to hear you speaking. He'll recognize your voice-and your partner's-when he comes out into the world.

Excerpted from Pregnancy Day by Day.
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