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Your 16th Week

The belly starts here, announcing your pregnancy to the world.


16 week fetus in uterus In the brain, nerve cells are formingThe skin is quite smooth and has a reddish tingeThe gut is too immature to function properlyAt 16 weeks the average crown to rump length is 3.4 inGreater mobility in the hands means that the baby is able to suck her thumb.Facial muscles have developed enough for the baby to make faces

Some days, you'll take huge pride in your emerging belly, on other days you may sigh for the loss of a trim figure. Enjoy your changing shape-you'll probably find that your partner loves it, too. For many couples, this can be a time of increased interest in sex. If you have any emotional or physical worries, there'll be an opportunity to discuss them with your doctor. Another prenatal checkup is likely to take place this week.

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