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Your 17th Week

Your baby is increasing his movements and even doing somersaults.


17 week fetus in uterus The expanding uterus is now pushing up against your other abdominal organs.The baby's rapid heartbeat, easily distinguished from your ownThe mouth opens and shuts regularlyAt 17 weeks the average crown to rump length is 4 inCurling and stretching, arms and legs flailing, the baby is constantly changing positionFluid is pushed out of the lungs as the baby practices breathing movements.

Things are becoming lively in your uterus. Your baby has plenty of room to move around and he's making the most of it, stretching and turning. All the activity is good for his future physical and mental development. You might feel like some relaxation, so think about taking a break. The second trimester is usually regarded as the best time in pregnancy for traveling and getting out and about.

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