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Your 19th Week

You'll probably find you're becoming more attached to your baby each day.


19 week fetus in uterus The top of your uterus is now level with your belly button.A little fat has started to cover the baby's bodyThe ears have moved up from the jaw line to their final position on the side of the headAt 19 weeks the average crown to rump length is 5.1 inThe eyes make random movements under the still-closed lids.On the pads of the fingers the ridged pattern of the baby's fingerprints

It's easier now to think of your baby as a real person, especially if you see him on another scan around this time. He's almost fully formed and the function of his organs is well advanced. You'll be taking your maternal responsibilities very seriously, but don't let anxieties build up. Talk over any worries you may have with your partner and your doctor; many pregnant women also seek comfort and advice from their own mothers.

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