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Your 21st Week

You're Halfway through your pregnancy already-it's all happening so fast.


ultrasound of human fetus at 20 weeks and 1 day The developing brain is picking up electrical signals from the baby's bodyIn girl babies the ovaries have descended from the abdomen into the pelvis.At 21 weeks the average crown to heel length is 9.7 inFingernails are beginning to grow.The baby is regularly swallowing the amniotic fluid in increasing amounts.

Not all women happily accept their changing body shape, even though they're overjoyed to be pregnant. But a belly "bump" doesn't have to mean frump. You've got a good excuse to treat yourself to a few attractive maternity clothes or to indulge in some pampering, perhaps by having a gentle massage. Keep up your exercise routine, because you'll feel energized and all the better for it.

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