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Your 22nd Week

Deciding on a name for your baby can be tricky, so start making that list.


22 week fetus in uterus Your uterus may now reach above your belly buttonBeneath the skin, layers of body fat are being stored.In boy babies, the testes are still hidden within the pelvic cavity.At 22 weeks, the average crown to heel length is 10.1 inEvery bone in your baby's body now contains bone marrowThe hands move constantly, reaching out to touch the face or clutch at the umbilical cord.

You may not know the sex of your baby but you and your partner can still have fun choosing names. This is a discussion that can run on and on. Some couples don't make up their minds until the baby is born. With such matters to preoccupy you, it's probably hard to stay focused at work. Try to pace yourself without letting standards slip. Eating little and often, and drinking lots of water, will help you stay alert.

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