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Your 23rd Week

You could be feeling a little off-balance, both physically and emotionally.


23 week fetus in uterus As your abdominal organs become more compressed, you may suffer from frequent digestive disturbancesThe inner ear organs have matured enough to send nerve signals to the brain.At 23 weeks, the average crown to heel length is 10.5 inKicks are becoming quite strong and there's no mistaking your baby's movements.The umbilical cord may be held in your baby's hands as he floats in the amniotic cavity.

Being pregnant can have all kinds of unexpected effects. There will probably be days when you just don't feel in control of your emotions and they get the better of you, making you cry for no reason. Or your body feels clumsy and uncoordinated, and you keep walking into the furniture. Just talk to some other moms-to-be and you'll find that these side effects are all a normal part of the pregnancy experience!

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