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Under Age 20 and Expecting

Pregnancy Facts

Stats on Teen Pregnancy

  • Twenty percent of all adolescent pregnancies occur within the first six months following first intercourse.
  • More than one million adolescents become pregnant each year in the United States. That's about 3,000 a day. Before they leave their teens, four out of ten girls will become pregnant—most of them unintentionally.
  • Each year in America almost 500,000 teenagers give birth.
  • One in every fifteen men in America fathers a child while he is a teenager.

Baby Talk

A fetus is an unborn child. This term is usually used 12 weeks after conception.

Daddy Alert!

If you're a teen dad who wants to be involved in your partner's pregnancy—speak up! Too often young fathers are left out in the cold because it's assumed that's what they want. Don't let everybody else tell you what you think.

If you're a teenager and expecting a baby, let me congratulate you. Whether you planned this pregnancy or not, you're doing the right thing by reading books to find out what to expect and how to take care of yourself. You are not like other women. Your own body is still growing while your baby is growing inside of you. You have special needs that have to be considered during this time.

Statistics tell us that teenage girls are at risk for delivering a baby who weighs less than babies born to older women. These low-birthweight babies are at risk for medical complications and even death. The reason for this difference in birthweights is not known exactly, but we have a good idea. Many teens risk the health of their babies in these ways:

Planning a Healthy Teen Pregnancy

As a pregnant teenager you have a special responsibility to make sure your baby grows strong and healthy during your pregnancy. Take the following steps to help keep your baby safe:

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