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Your 26th Week

You've reached the third and final trimester and will be heavily pregnant by now.


26 week fetus in uterus All the nerve cells that make up the outer surface of the brain are in place.Your baby's body is very flexible and she can double herself up with ease.At 26 weeks the average crown to heel length is 11.8 inHand coordination is improving and your baby often brings her hands to her face, and especially her mouth.The toes are often grabbed by the baby's hand and may even be brought up to her mouth.

You're in the last lap and, although your belly is probably big, you've still got a lot more expanding to do. Your baby will be moving around quite vigorously and may even respond to loud noises and music. Nerve cells in her brain are beginning to connect and her coordination is improving. Keep your own brain stimulated by going to prenatal classes for fun, company, and information.

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