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Your 27th Week

You may find it difficult to sleep due to your Baby's activities.


27 week fetus in uterus The baby is taking up a lot of space in the uterusA boy baby's testes often descend fully into the scrotum around about now.At 27 weeks the average crown to heel length is 13.6 inThe baby kicks often and a large kick against your ribs may take your breath away.The eyelids are fully open this week.

Space is now getting tight in your uterus. The baby is likely to give you a few sharp jabs with his feet and fists as he stretches and turns. However uncomfortable the kicks may be, you'll find them a welcome reassurance that the baby is thriving. Relax in bed or in the bath and watch your belly-you'll be amazed and amused at how it pops up and down and moves around.

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