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Your 30th Week

You're getting tired more easily but that probably won't stop your nesting plans.


30 week fetus in uterus You are still feeling a lot of strong kicksThe amniotic sac has finished growing and is no longer forming new cells.The tip of your baby's nose is still upturned and the bridge is becoming more evident.At 30 weeks the average crown to heel length is 14.8 inIn the brain, nerve cells are developing into distinct areas

The nest-building instinct often kicks in as a woman approaches her due date. You may be overwhelmed with the urge to clean and decorate, but although it's natural to want a perfect home for your baby don't wear yourself out. Work, traveling, and a constant round of prenatal appointments are probably all much more of an effort these days. If you need to keep stopping to rest, listen to your body and do just that.

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