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Your 32nd Week

Your midwife will be monitoring your baby's position in the uterus.


32 week fetus in uterus The baby's movements are mainly from side to sideThe skin starts to look pinker and less translucent.Creases can be seen in the skin of the wrists and the palms of the hands.At 32 weeks the average crown to heel length is 15.7 inIncreasing layers of fat and muscle are rounding out the baby's bodyThe baby is likely to be near her maximum length now

The baby has not settled into her final birth position just yet, but an assessment of how she's lying will be made at every routine checkup. There's still room in the uterus for your baby to exercise her limbs and she's getting much stronger and more active. You'll know all about it! As your belly gets bigger, it may become more difficult to be very active and to get comfortable when you're sitting or lying down.

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