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Your 33rd Week

It's hard to imagine how life will be with a new baby.


33 week fetus in uterus With bottum up, head down, and chin tucked into his chestThe amniotic fluid swallowed by the baby passes through the stomach and intestinesAt 33 weeks the average crown to heel length is 16.2 inFingernails have grown long enough to reach the tips of the fingers.Calcium from your diet is crossing the placenta and being used to help the hardening of your baby's bones.

All prospective moms, and not just first-timers, find it difficult to envisage the future after the arrival of the baby. The imaginings, dreams, and hopes of the last few months are about to become realities-which may be very different from what you expect. You may find that it helps to concentrate on practical matters, such as the birth celebrations and future child care. You could make plans for recovering your pre-pregnancy figure. The belly won't be with you forever, even if it feels like it!

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