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Your 40th Week

All the milestones are safely passed and you will meet your baby any day now.


Full-term fetus in uterus The membranes of the anmiotic sac will ruptureAt full term the baby has the rounded chubby cheeksThe skull bones are separated by membranesAt 40 weeks the average crown to heel length is 19.6 inThe umbilical cord is about the same length as your baby.Shortly after the baby is born

Like many moms-to-be, you may have to linger in suspense beyond the "last" day of pregnancy. Without a doubt, the big event is about to happen very soon and it will be worth the waiting, wondering, and worrying. Once you see and hold your baby, you won't spend much time looking back over the past 40 weeks, but you'll certainly marvel at the miracle of it all.

Excerpted from Pregnancy Day by Day.
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